Getting a Better Understanding on Football Betting Tips

While the sport of football certainly has its share of excitement, placing a bet based on football betting tips adds to the thrill of winning as well – especially if you bet on the winning team. However, if you have never placed a bet before now, you may wonder how the process works in simplistic terms.
To visualize the practice, start with a representation of the two teams. The teams will be called Team A and Team B. At this point, you don’t have to worry about whether the sport is football or hockey as you only need basic information with respect to the activity. Therefore, you don’t have to concern yourself with betting tips at this juncture but merely on how the betting works.

Placing a Wager: How it Works in Basic Terms

Let’s pretend that you are the designated bettor in this scenario. You are placing a bet by putting up money in favor of the results of a game. In turn then, you are making a bet against the bookie. If you turn out to be a winner, you receive your bid along with the bookie’s bid.
However, if the results do not favor you as the winner, the bookie receives both your bid and his bid. This type of bid is referred to as an evens bet as it is assumes you are placing a bid where both the teams are evenly matched.

Making it Easier to Understand Football Betting Tips

FOOTBALL TIPSTERAs all bets are not considered as evens bets. You have to look at the scenario from another angle as well. For an example, let’s look at betting as an arm wrestling competition to better understand football betting tips.
If two opponents look to be the same strength or size, then the tips suggest that the rivals are evenly matched. In turn, each player puts in, say, £10 before play begins. The winner of the wrestling match takes his £10 and the loser’s £10.
However, the football tips would be different if one team has had more wins and has suffered fewer injuries than another team. In this case, if you likened the game to a wrestling match and one of the opponents is seen as a “sure bet,” you are not going to place a bet on the other player.
However, suppose a bet is placed on the stronger player while a smaller bet is placed on his rival. Although the smaller competitor has less of a chance of winning, if he wins, whoever bet on him will win a larger amount of money.
Therefore, football betting tips, analyses and predictions are calculated by using unique algorithms and stats in today’s technological society. For every football league, a betting site will provide predictions by percentage for visitor wins, draws and home wins. In some cases, sites may give score predictions as well.
In order to bet, you need to know the point spread before you play. You also need to know the odds for the payout. For example, if the payout is calculated at the odds of 10/11, it means that a bet of £11 would receive a win of £10 or a return of £21.

The Straight Bet is the Wager Normally Placed in Football Competitions

This type of wager is called a straight bet, which is also the most frequently used bet in the sport of football. With respect to the point spread, you need to make sure that the team on which you place a wager will cover the spread.
When placing a bet on one of two teams then, the home team is typically listed on the bottom of the ticket for the bet. The point spread is placed to the right of the favored team. Therefore, if you place a bet on the “favored” Jets to win by 8 points, the team must win the bet by the designated amount. If you choose the least favored team for a win, then any of the following will also make you a winner.

    • The team wins the game.
    • The game’s final score is a tie
    • The least-favored team loses the game by no more than 7 points of the indicated spread of 8 points.

If the wining team wins by 7 points, the wage is confirmed as a push and all the players receive their monies back.

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